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Where to Watch Football in Loveland: Best Sports Bars in Town

Sports is the only religion in my house and we follow the Book of Broncos. We also play a lot of Fantasy Football, so when we travel, which is a lot, we always looking for a place to watch the game. It’s not only the NFL, we have a healthy obsession with soccer as well, but it’s American football that we’re most serious about and we do not miss a Broncos game.

Heidi at cold Broncos game

I imagine it’s the same for football fans who visited Loveland, Colorado, so I tracked down the best sports bars in Loveland so that you can root for your team, both franchise team and Fantasy Football. If I’ve left out a great sports bar in Loveland, and I surely have, please leave a comment and help out your fellow sports fan visiting this town.

East Loveland: Old Chicago

It’s a chain but it is our go-to football bar and has been for years because it feels like a real sports bar, they have good wings and it’s close to home. They also run a Beat the Leader game that allows guests to win free appetizers, which happens occasionally. Add this to their Mug Club amenities and it’s a good place to watch football in Loveland.

Where to watch football in Loveland. Old Chicago 1. Photo by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer

They have lots of televisions and the Sunday Ticket, a must for Fantasy Football players. They run football drink and food specials on Sundays but none during Thursday or Monday football.  

Where to watch football in Loveland Old Chicago. Photo by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer

Author’s Note: There are a lot of chain sports bars in east Loveland including Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters and Rock Bottom. All have the Sunday Ticket. One bar and restaurant in east Loveland beloved by neighbors is McGraff’s American Grill. They do not have the Sunday Ticket but they do have some of the most avid Broncos fans in Loveland and game sound is on in the bar. McGraff’s also has a bar area that’s family-friendly.

West Loveland: El Cielo

While they don’t have the Sunday Ticket they have a great bar for watching football and they open at 8 a.m. and serve breakfast. That’s a big bonus for those of us who like eggs with our beer during early football games.

Where to watch football in Loveland El Cielo

El Cielo always has the sound on for Broncos football and last year offered $2 Bud Light and touchdowns shots during games. This year’s specials are still being decided on but it will surely be something similar. In addition, they offer pitchers of beer which is rare in Colorado and an excellent choice when watching football with friends.

North Loveland: Blue 32 Bar & Grill

When this place was Miller’s Crossing it was a haven for Minnesota Viking fans in Loveland. Today, Blue 32 is still a place where Vikings fans gather during games but it also has the Sunday Ticket and 15 televisions. If you root for an NFL team outside of Colorado, Denver Broncos games always have priority when it comes to sound.

Where to watch football in Loveland Blue 32 photo by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer

Thankfully, for craft beer lovers. they keep a nice variety of Loveland craft beer on tap and also features some of the best beer deals in town – Coors is always $2.50 and Bud is $3.

During football games, they offer specials on wings and domestic buckets of beer. We also have it on good authority that this bar makes a great hamburger and cooks it just the way you ordered it.

Downtown Loveland: Sports Station American Grill

This bar is located in the most beautiful Loveland building on this list because the Sports Grill is located in the city’s old train depot.

Where to watch football in Loveland Sports Station by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer

Sports Station is popular with locals and finding a seat in the bar during a Broncos game can be difficult. In fact, finding a seat in the bar here is never easy so plan accordingly. They have the Sunday Ticket making this Loveland bar a good spot for Fantasy Football players.

There are tons of local craft beer on tap and while the bartender informs me that they don’t run football specials, I can write from personal experience that the wings are fantastic.

A bonus at the Sports Station is the large arcade area–it’s fun for adults but great for kids, especially when they are bored of football and want something else to do.

Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer is a longtime Loveland resident, founder of and author of Mountain Living’s The Heidi Guide. She specializes in writing about festivals and travel in The West.  

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