Visit Loveland

CU Boulder’s Night at the Art Museum

Get a sneak peek at The Artist’s Gesture The Inaugural Polly and Mark Addison Collection Outreach Exhibition with the University of Colorado Boulder Art and Art History faculty and CU Art Museum staff.  Enjoy an appetizing reception, cash bar and network with friends, alumni and CU faculty and staff while exploring the[…]

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Losel Dolls – Trademarks of Tibet

  From an intriguing history to their intricate construction, Losel Dolls have fascinated the world as exquisite emblems of Tibetan heritage – originally designed and created by exiled Buddhist monks.   The late Jeanne Nash, one of the founders of the Global Village Museum, was an avid acquirer of Losel[…]

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Resolve to Explore Loveland, Colorado

In my extensive travels across Colorado as the Mayor of HeidiTown, I often visit places locals haven’t explored or discover things that locals didn’t know existed. Museums are a great example; we have a tendency to visit museums in other people’s towns, but never step foot into our own town’s[…]

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