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Winter Backcountry Navigation

Whether you’re skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, or sledding, your knowledge of the winter backcountry is the difference between having a great time in the wintery mountains, and finding yourself in difficult situations. The Backcountry Winter Navigation Course will teach the fundamentals of avoiding dangerous terrain and tricky weather conditions all while[…]

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NoCo Road Rally Scavenger Hunt

NoCo Road Rally Scavenger Hunt – Sat. June 23rd (Win $500!) A road rally is a kind of motorized sport. Similar to “The Amazing Race,” it is a competition of accuracy not speed. Participants are sent out in teams, with a goal of navigating the course from start to finish[…]

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Five Reasons to Make Loveland Your Valentine’s Day Destination

In the nation’s Sweetheart City, Valentine’s Day is more than a day – it is a celebration of Everything You Love. Here, romantic heart-shaped love notes dot the streets. Art and sculpture take new forms and local craft brews are transformed into love potion. Here are five reasons that Loveland[…]

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