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Loveland’s Second Love Lock Sculpture Moves to Lake Loveland

Loveland’s second love lock sculpture has moved to its permanent home near the Statue of Liberty sculpture and American Flag on the southeast corner of Lake Loveland. The sculpture was unveiled Jan. 7 during Loveland’s valentine season party and remained in the Foundry Plaza downtown for six weeks, through the Sweetheart Festival Feb. 14-15, before moving.

The 12-foot-3-inch-tall, 14-foot-3-inch-wide steel sculpture is a simple, heart design created and constructed right in Loveland by Doug Rutledge, Beatty Construction Services and Loveland Ready Mix Concrete. In December 2019, the City of Loveland’s Public Arts Commission approved the sculpture and its Lake Loveland home.

“By moving this sculpture to Lake Loveland, it will be at one of the most iconic natural areas in the city and, with a picturesque Rocky Mountain backdrop, it is a great location for visitors to stop and share the love when visiting or enjoying our beautiful city,” said Cindy Mackin, visitors services manager for the City of Loveland. “We have seen such a positive reaction from locals and visitors alike to these sculptures and have made them easily accessible for those wanting to participate.”


Loveland’s first love lock sculpture, found at the Loveland Visitors Center.

The love lock tradition came to Loveland in January 2019 as Loveland unveiled its first love lock sculpture which sits permanently at the Loveland Visitors Center. This 24,000 lbs, 10-foot-tall, 30-foot-wide steel sculpture is made up of four sculpted letters L, O, V, E and includes heart cutouts and places for love locks on the back.  It is visible from US 34 welcoming visitors to Loveland, encouraging them to come and see it and learn more about what to do in Loveland. Since its unveiling, the sculpture has hundreds of locks on it – from visitors, locals, those who have lost love, those celebrating love and more. It was designed by local sculptor Doug Rutledge, constructed locally by Beatty Construction Services and Loveland Ready Mix Concrete poured the concrete for the bases. 

About the love lock tradition

Love locks are a symbol of love and commitment that has been inspired by an ancient custom, which is believed to have originated in China – where lovers lock a padlock on a chain or gate and then throw away the key, symbolically locking their love forever.

Love locks have gained attention around the world from being placed on bridges and public places in Paris, on New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, Cologne’s Hohenzollern Bridge and more. Loveland’s love lock sculptures are a chance to give the love lock tradition new life through art and sculpture and eliminating the risk to public places. These sculptures are intended for love locks, where the locks are part of the artistic story in the nation’s Sweetheart City. 

How to get a love lock or participate

Love locks sell for $20 at the Loveland Visitors Center, or visitors can bring their own. The love locks can be customized with a paint pen or hand carving to include names and dates of those locking their love. 

What’s coming next

With two love lock sculptures, Visit Loveland will continue and support the two pieces of art that exist today. If/when the time is right, the organization will consider additional sculptures.

“We are thrilled that the love lock concept has taken off so well in our beautiful city. We anticipate that there will be an opportunity to add additional sculptures in the future, but we are focused on filling our first two sculptures with even more love as locks continue to be added,” said Mindy McCloughan, president and CEO of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce.

When asked about future locations, Mackin said, “We have heard a strong desire to add a sculpture to downtown and will continue to have conversations with leaders and developers to see what options exist. Until then, we welcome everyone to visit our newest sculpture on Lake Loveland.”

Visitors and locals are encouraged to take their photos at either sculpture and share the love on social media using #lovelandlovelocks. For more information on the sculptures, visit

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