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#LovelandLovesTourism Week

Blog Posts

What do locals do for fun, and where do they shop and eat? Each day during #LovelandLovesTourism week we will showcase a few locals who have the inside scoop on our blog posts. Click here to read their insider tips!

Social Media Content To Share

During #LovelandLovesTourism Week (June 8 – 14) showcase how you personally or how your business supports tourism in Loveland through your social media channels. Use the examples and assets below and as inspiration for content—feel free to tweak to best serve the platforms you use most regularly. 

Content Guidance

  • Overall tone of the week: inspirational, supportive, unifying – LOVELAND is Amazing!
  • Use this as an opportunity to strengthen community support around tourism and showcase Loveland as the amazing community and destination that it truly is. 
  • Show the world what it means to be a local tourist here in Loveland!
  • For best practices and additional guidance, check out our social media tips. 

Content Inspiration

Join the Loveland Loves Tourism and Be A Local Tourist conversation using the hashtag #LovelandLovesTourism across all your social media channels. Take advantage of this opportunity to share posts of appreciation for local Loveland businesses and individuals who showcase the best of Loveland to visitors AND share your own story about how you are a tourist in Loveland – your hometown. Be sure to tag #VisitLoveland along with your favorite businesses, people, experiences and landmarks to help us spread the love. 

Tag Visit Loveland NOW: @VisitLovelandCO

Download #LovelandLovesTravel Social Media Assets to Use

Click here to access the logos, printable page and Facebook cover overlay as shown below. Examples how to use these assets: 

Customized Posts 

Customize these social posts to share your story and inspire by replacing the purple text with your own. Share with photos, videos and more for higher engagement and reach. 

  • This year, tourism is more important than ever. #LovelandLovesTourism and together, we are banding together to show our love of our own city @VisitLovelandCO and support our industry. 
  • Tourism starts in our own community. I am proud to be a local tourist and continue to uncover more ways that Loveland offers everything I love like INSERT YOUR FAVORITE THINGS. #LovelandLovesTourism 
  • As a local tourist, I believe that small businesses like @SMALLBIZHANDLE and @SMALLBIZHANDLE are what make @VisitLovelandCO unique. Show how much #LovelandLovesTourism and support ALL of our small businesses. 
  • As a local tourist, I recommend checking out LANDMARK and LANDMARK to experience what locals love most about @VisitLovelandCO. #LovelandLovesTourism
  • Do you want to know some of the foodie places Loveland locals love? My favorites are @RESTAURANTHANDLE and @RESTAURANTHANDLE in @VisitLovelandCO. Be sure to order INSERT YOUR FAVORITE DISH.   #LovelandLovesTourism
  • My city, @VisitLovelandCO, has a ton of wide-open spaces for outdoor adventure you love. My local tip – don’t miss INSERT YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO PLAY OUTDOORS.  #LovelandLovesTourism
  • One of my favorite things about my city @VisitLovelandCO is its art. I love spending time in INSERT NAME OF PUBLIC PLACE OR SCULPTURE GARDEN/PARK or INSERT NAME OF GALLERY. Artist inspiration is good for the soul.  #LovelandLovesTourism
  • Dreaming of your next adventure? As a Loveland local, I recommend checking out @SMALLBIZHANDLE, LANDMARK and LANDMARK in @VisitLovelandCO just 45 minutes north of Denver and 35 minutes east of Rocky Mountain National Park. We can’t wait to see you! #LovelandLovesTourism
  • When I bring friends and family to @visitloveland, we always go to @SMALLBIZHANDLE, LANDMARK and LANDMARK because INSERT A REASON OF YOUR CHOOSING.  #LovelandLovesTourism
  • As a local business owner, I love when tourists come into my STORE/RESTAURANT/GALLERY because INSERT HOW TOURISM HELPS YOUR BUSINESS – AND THINK BEYOND SALES, @VisitLovelandCO