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Loveland: A land of Pokémon love!

Note: While Pokemon Go is fun and we promote exploring Loveland, we encourage all participants to be safe and respectful of their surroundings when interacting in public spaces and with others. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF PRIVATE EVENTS IN PUBLIC PLACES. 

Do you want to be the very best in Loveland, like no one ever was? Are you ready to travel across the town, searching far and wide? Is it your quest to catch em’ all, and will you train them as your cause?

Well, with the new mobile application, Pokémon Go, all of that is now possible. Smartphone users can now channel their inner Ash Ketchum as they roam across the city, capturing adorable virtual beasts and racking up experience points. Here are some of our suggestions for family friendly places that are great for experiencing world renown art, general hanging out, outdoor fun, and also happen to be great for finding Pokémon.

Benson Sculpture Garden

The Benson Sculpture Garden is one of Loveland’s most visited combination Pokéstop and Gym locations. Players can be seen here throughout the day and often well into the night. It is a great place to catch Pokémon of all shapes, sizes and types with the many lush streams, ponds and available sitting areas. Confirmed sightings of Charmander, Oddish, Bulbasaur and Drowzee have made their appearances throughout the garden. The best part about being at Benson Sculpture Garden is perhaps getting to enjoy the beautiful and unique outdoor setting that showcases sculptures from around the world. Numerous sculptures are on display in the park year-round and new art continues to be added regularly. The best part is that each sculpture is typically a Pokéstop, making it easy for players to place lures right next to each other without traveling far.

Devil’s Backbone Open Space

The trail at Devil’s Backbone Open Space up to the Keyhole is an absolutely beautiful destination to explore and a great place for hiking, running, horseback riding, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, observing nature, as well as enjoying close-up inspection of the rock outcrop and long vistas. This a great location to catch some Pokémon but maybe even better for leaving the app running in your pocket to get some kilometers in and hatch those eggs; your eyes will be too distracted anyway. Confirmed sightings of rock and bug type Pokémon like Onyx, Cubone, Geodude, Kakuna and Venomoth can be found while exploring the trails.

Chapungu Sculpture Park

A sanctuary from the everyday, the 26-acre Chapungu Sculpture Park is the only permanent exhibit of its kind in the U.S. This is a great place for viewing 82 African stone sculptures carved by artists from Zimbebwe and for hunting Pokémon too. With diverse walking trails and landscapes, Chapungu Sculpture Park is home to many Pokéstops and a few gyms. Confirmed sightings of Charizard, Eevee, Meowth, Pigeotto and Ekans amongst the stone art draw players to this unique location.

Loveland Visitors Center

Perhaps one of the most under-rated and unknown best places to catch rare water type Pokémon takes place at our very own Visitors Center. While travelers to Loveland stop to gather more information about the city and things to do, Pokémon trainers can walk around the mini sculpture garden and pond behind the building to discover an ideal place for catching unique Pokémon. Conveniently located at the East entranceway to Loveland right off I-25 and US 34, the Loveland Visitors Center is set with confirmed sightings of Omanyte, Psyduck, Seel and Krabby.

Downtown Loveland

Downtown Loveland is home to an eclectic selection of boutiques, galleries, local eateries and craft breweries. It becomes the perfect place to stroll around, hang out and spot adventurous Pokémon. If you’ve had enough Pokémon for the day (or your phone has no charge left and you’re looking for something else to do) there are several great places within walking distance to grab a bite, bag or brew. Confirmed sightings of ghost Pokémon like Ghastly make their appearances during the downtown nightlife. During the day you will find the city crawling with an abundance of several normal type Pokémon like Rattata and Tauros. Come join this lively progressive Pokémon party throughout downtown including art openings, live music, restaurant specials and more.



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