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Loveland, Colorado: Two Theaters, One Downtown

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I have lived in Loveland for nearly two decades and while I’m still not from “round here,” I know that like every downtown, Loveland has had its fair share of ups and downs. Right now, the town is definitely experiencing an up, a super high up.

On any given weekend there are numerous things happening around downtown and beyond. It’s a fun time to live or visit Loveland.

The Rialto Theater

228 E. 4th Street

One exciting event in downtown Loveland is catching a live show at The Rialto Theater on 4th Street. This theater, that turns 100 years-old in May, is the cultural backbone of Loveland. They show movies, host events like the ballet, music and film festivals, present plays and more.

Incredible advances in technology have been installed so that this theater is now capable of hosting world-renowned acts. Last year, they hosted Saturday Night Live alum, Kevin Nealon, and Mad About You’s Paul Reiser. This January, the theater was the site of Classic Albums Live: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

A less technological but important development is the addition of a bar cart just three months ago. You see, The Rialto was dry for many years, and this has added a much-needed adult-component to the theater. Now, patrons can enjoy a beer with their film festival movie or a glass of wine with their play. 

Photo by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer

It’s literally a whole new era for The Rialto as they go into their second century in just two months.

Go to to see upcoming shows.

MetroLux Dine-In Theatre

285 E. 3rd Street

Located right behind The Rialto is The Foundry, home to what will be a handful of restaurants and bars. There are also apartments here, a parking garage and a hotel. It already houses MetroLux Dine-In Theatre. There is no other movie theater experience like this one in Northern Colorado.

In addition to showing first-run movies, MetroLux Dine-In is home to Scripted Bar & Kitchen, a fabulous new downtown restaurant. This place serves up everything from hamburgers to entrees like linguine, salmon cakes, and pork loin.

We’ve had dinner here twice and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the caliber of food. The chicken sandwich with Haystack Goat Cheese is excellent. Plus, there is a dine-in option. If you don’t mind eating in the dark, you can order anything off this menu to eat during the movie. 

If this sounds difficult, you simply buzz the wait staff, there is a button on your comfy, reclinable chair, and they come quietly to your theater seat. Okay with eating in the dark? Voila. 

I have found that eating an entire dinner in the dark is not my cup of tea, however, I adore movie theater popcorn (who doesn’t?). And Metro-Lux Dine-In has the best popcorn I have ever eaten. Seriously.  

For tech people who love high-tech movies, they have an MXL Screen and 4K laser projector. I am not a techie but I hear this is a very advanced setup and movies look spectacular on this screen.

The required seat reservations at MetroLux Dine-In allows us to sip drinks at Scripted’s bar until several minutes prior to our movie starting. We don’t have to worry about having seats or having to sit in the front row. I didn’t realize that this seemingly small change would play such a significant role in my movie-going life but it does. I love it.

To make your reservations at MetroLux Dine-In go to their website here.

Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer is the founder of and author of Mountain Living’s The Heidi Guide. She has lived in Loveland with her husband since 2003. She and Ryan love the movies.

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