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Loveland is for Coffee Lovers

You don’t have to look far to find a good cup of coffee in Loveland, Colorado. Whether you’re in west, east, north or south Loveland, there’s a place to get your caffeine fix.


There are three coffee shops downtown, all with their own unique specialties and ambiance. Open since 2006, The Coffee Tree is a longtime Loveland favorite. Centrally located at 210 E. 4th Street, this is a gathering place for many Lovelanders, and the spirit of the town is alive and well here every day.

Page crafts a coffee drink for a patron at The Coffee Tree.

The Coffee Tree has many speciality drinks, but their “Latin Lover” is popular because who doesn’t want to hear their name called out followed by, “Your Latin Lover is ready”?

DazBog Coffee is located in the Lincoln Place Building on N. Lincoln in downtown Loveland. They have a second location in east Loveland on Denver Avenue. This locally owned franchise is immediately recognizable by their red, white and black interior design scheme.


The most popular drink here is Brain Damage; a frozen coffee with chocolate covered espresso beans blended into it. This coffee shop is popular with remote workers and freelancers. It also has a quiet meeting room in the back.

Just a block away, Lo Co Artisan Coffee House is a light, bright and airy shop, whose unique offerings include pastries from Sweet European Treats. Order a Purple Mile – lavender syrup, espresso and milk – and add an almond crescent or lady finger. Lo Co also has a spacious private meeting room.


Located in West Loveland, Muse Coffee & Tea is located in a 1905 house that features original woodwork and a cozy ambiance. This family-run operation serves coffee, including Italian style lattes, tea, homemade bakery items and is home to beautiful works of art. There’s a gorgeous outside area adorned with bronze statues by Jane DeDecker, making it a quintessentially Loveland.


In East Loveland, at the corner of Boyd Lake Road and Hwy 34, Colorado Coffee Company is perfectly located for meetings because of its close location to I25. And while their coffee is very good, this place has won multiple awards for their scrumptious homemade cinnamon rolls. They also have a convenient drive thru that’s always busy in the mornings.


Loveland Coffee Company has developed a loyal following during their 12 years in business. Manager Chelsea, who’s been with the company for six years, says that about 85% of their business is from regulars, and many have been coming for years. Loveland Coffee Company is located on East 29th Street, just a stone’s throw away from McKee Medical Center.


Their most popular drink is their Loco Latte (white chocolate and caramel), but they often create individualized drinks for their customers.

In addition to these six coffee shops, Loveland is home to two drive-thru coffee businesses including The Human Bean, north of town along Hwy 287, and Jamoka Joe’s on Hwy 34 on the way to Estes Park.

There are also four Starbucks scattered around town, as well as some coffee shops tucked into other businesses including Fireside Cafe, located inside of Group Publishing and The Drinkery at Crunchy Grocer.

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