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Live Like a Local in Loveland – Pam Osborn Spotlight

Be a local tourist or live like a local when you visit and be inspired by Loveland resident and owner of Osborn Farm, Pam Osborn.

Pam has lived in Loveland since moving from Chicago 42 years ago after marrying her husband Dale. She has truly enjoyed her life here.

“I still love the drive west along the lake. The view is still as impressive as the first time I saw it. It is always a striking view when the Thompson Valley Rotary Club Valentine Hearts are up and the lake is frozen.”

Check out Pam’s tips for a perfect 24 hours in Loveland.

Where are your favorite places to eat and what do you order?

Breakfast with friends at Taste Local is always a good choice. For lunch, Dairy Delight for an Italian Beef Sandwich (that is a Chicago thing that I am DELIGHTED I can indulge in there) in my go-to place. Dinner at The Loveland Chop House for a Filet and a Wedge Salad is perfect.

When it is time for some liquid art or liquid therapy, where do you go?

I love the dog friendly breweries. Anywhere I can take Giacomo is a plus, and it really shows Loveland’s dog-friendly attitude

Where do you love to shop?

Cloz to Home and Jax Loveland Outdoor Gear are among my favorite places to shop in Loveland.

When it is time to have fun, where do you go?

The Fairgrounds Park is a great place to go have fun and be outside. We did so many years of 4H with our boys; I can really never get enough of the memories that linger there by the river.

Where is your favorite place to spend outdoors?

We love being on the farm with our family and friends. There’s lots of work, lots of love and lots of fun.

When you have visitors in town, where do you take them?

Benson Sculpture Garden is always a favorite for taking visitors, as is our the Foote Lagoon at Civic Center Park for Summer Concerts on those amazing Colorado nights.

If you are willing to share, what do you think are Loveland’s hidden gems or hot spots?

The Mexican Inn is a hidden gem and has such a history here, but a new favorite for us.

Anything else to add that you do to be a tourist in Loveland?

Loveland is the Hidden Gem: the art, the food, the parks, and all the great city-wide events that tie it all together. Some of my can’t miss events are Art in the Park, Governors Art Show, Loveland Loves BBQ Blues and Brews, and Taste of Loveland.


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