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Live Like a Local in Loveland – Eric Weedin

Eric Weedin, born and raised in Loveland, does a lot in the city. He works for Weedin Agency, Loveland’s oldest insurance company. In addition, Eric is a volunteer with Thompson Valley Rotary and the Loveland Chamber. As a musician he plays with a number of groups: Funky Business, The Loveland Concert Band, The Loveland Orchestra and the Foothills Pops Band, to name a few.

“I love that Loveland has become a community that is large enough to have the amenities to service a variety of interests all while maintaining a true hometown feel. We have our own cultural identity that is unmatched among Colorado cities.” 

Check out Eric’s tips for a perfect 24 hours in Loveland. 

Where are your favorite places to eat and what do you order?

Loveland restaurants have improved their game so much from back in the day. I’ve always been partial to a traditional bacon and egg breakfast at The Breakfast Club, but Doug’s Day Diner’s biscuits and gravy aren’t to be missed either! Lunchtime can be great to get together with friends or even business clients. So many favorites here, but a hidden gem I really enjoy is Fresh Plate Café – get the Turkey in a Jam. You won’t regret it! For dinner, Betta Gumbo is a favorite of mine with the Hush Puppies and Gumbo. I like mixing it up with Henry’s and the steak medallions. For a later night, my bandmates and I love hitting the Sports Station and getting their chicken fingers. I never feel bored with the selection of Loveland dining choices.

When it is time for some liquid art or liquid therapy, where do you go?

Craft beer is a true weakness of mine. All of our brewers are doing creative things here, but I’ll highlight just a couple. Grimm Brothers, our fine German brewer, has my everyday drinking favorite beer, Fearless Youth. Loveland Aleworks, with their pints for the people on most Wednesdays have earned a true place in my heart from the way they give back to the town, get the Raspberry Sour there! Verboten Brewing & Barrel Project’s Silent Guardian is one of the best double IPAs I’ve ever sampled. Crow Hop, Big Thompson, Big Beaver, Dratz Brewing and Rock Coast Brewery have all made my taste buds light up with their beers.

Where do you love to shop?

Big confession here. I’m a huge nerd. I love sneaking off for a quick look at Bricks and Minifigs. I enjoy LEGO and love building Star Wars sets or my own ideas. This shop has new and used LEGO sets and even the big bulk tables where you can pick your own pieces.

When it is time to have fun, where do you go?

I enjoy playing at a bunch of places in Loveland. The old Fairgrounds Park brings me joy. I remember my Grandmother Beulah taking me there to see the Lippazaner Stallions there when we still had the fair there. Now I enjoy the river and dog park there. If I’m in the mood for spoiling a good walk (hat tip to Mark Twain), golfing at Mariana Butte cannot be beat. Even if you lose all your golf balls there, you can still enjoy a great hike to the top of the butte or down by the river.

Where is your favorite place to spend outdoors?

Loveland’s filled with outdoor locations, but I love Devil’s Backbone and Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park the most.

When you have visitors in town, where do you take them?

Family and friends from out of town simply MUST hit Benson Sculpture Park, even better if it can be during the Sculpture shows in August. I have yet to show someone this and see them be anything but stunned.

If you are willing to share, what do you think are Loveland’s hidden gems or hot spots?

It is hard to call a business in the heart of downtown a hidden gem, but I am constantly surprised at the people who have never experienced Loveland’s own pinball barcade, The Flipside. The collection of pinball machines, Loveland’s first digital tree, skeeball and creative drink options has made this a favorite of mine.


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