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Live Like a Local in Loveland – Angie Grenz Spotlight

Be a local tourist or live like a local when you visit and be inspired by Loveland resident and owner of Verboten Brewing Angie Grenz.  

Angie is also an editor for a local magazine based in Downtown Loveland. Both roles connect her with the people of Loveland on a regular basis and she loves it! 

“The thing I love most about Loveland is the people. They are so friendly and caring. It’s amazing. Also, the art that pops up everywhere. It is such a delight to walk by a yard with sculpture or some little art inspiration. It just makes me happy. This is such a wonderful community.”

Check out Angie’s tips for a perfect 24 hours in Loveland. 

Where are your favorite places to eat and what do you order?

I head to Taste Local for breakfast and order something different every time, but always with black coffee. It’s all delicious. I office at deskchair part-time, so I love heading to their little café Five Tables for lunch. I am never disappointed. For dinner, my favorites are Door 222 and Origins Wood-fired Pizza and Wine Bar. I like variety and never order the same thing twice in a row. Both places always have something good on the menu. Though Origins pizzas are an easy go-to. 

When it is time for some liquid art or liquid therapy, where do you go?

The Laureate Public House or Loveland Tap and Tavern. And Verboten for beer! 

Where do you love to shop?

Pilar on 4th Street. I love the selection and the price point is great.

When it is time to have fun, where do you go?

The Foundry hosts a ton of free live concerts so it is a great spot for live music. We enjoy Fairgrounds Park just south of downtown for walking and outdoor activities and I love the bike trail through town. 

Where is your favorite place to spend outdoors?

I enjoy heading to Devil’s Backbone

When you have visitors in town, where do you take them?

The Foundry, especially as it fills in with new businesses! 

If you are willing to share, what do you think are Loveland’s hidden gems or hot spots?

The Laureate for drinks and pub food. Get the margarita and a salad or sandwich. Head to Rooster Browns for fun gifts and Backyard Tap for hanging out and lawn games or music. 

Anything else to add that you do to be a tourist in Loveland?

Wander downtown. Take 4th Street all the way west to the end. The view is amazing. 


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