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Live Like a Local in Loveland – Amelia Furman Spotlight

Be a local tourist or live like a local when you visit and be inspired by Loveland resident and local artist Amelia Furman. 

Amelia’s family has lived here since 2013. They got bit by the Colorado beauty bug and fell in love with the mountains and the outdoor culture. Amelia and her husband knew they wanted to raise their boys in a place where nature was celebrated and chose Loveland because they loved how it was close to the mountains and it had a great arts community. 

“I love the uniqueness of Loveland. There are a lot of cities the size of Loveland, but none that have this amazing mixture of new and old. We have innovative artists and tech people. We have beautiful historical homes mixed with new, modern microbreweries. I love how art infiltrates every part of Loveland, how there are sculptures all over the place, and beautifully painted murals and transformer boxes. I also love how Loveland is very much family-oriented. We’ve never had so many resources available to us in other places.” 

Check out Amelia’s tips for a perfect 24 hours in Loveland. 

Where are your favorite places to eat and what do you order?

Doug’s Day Diner has amazing breakfast food. I order something different every time because I’ve never had anything I didn’t like. For lunch, I head to Taste Local. Their food is so fresh and delicious. I love their salads. The Black Steer is a staple in Loveland and one of its oldest restaurants. We love having dinner there and love their burgers. Yum!

When it is time for some liquid art or liquid therapy, where do you go?

I love Verboten Brewing downtown. If I am in the mood for a margarita, Wicked Tequila is great too. 

Where do you love to shop?

I’ve found some really great pieces at Garment Gal, but I also love the quirky vibe at Rooster Browns

When it is time to have fun, where do you go?

Our favorite place to play in the summer is Mehaffey Park. It’s got water features and lots of fun equipment. We also really love Fairgrounds Park.  

We love participating in the festivals that occur throughout the year – Pastels on 5th, the Cherry Pie Festival, the Corn Roast Festival. We also love enjoying live music at the free concerts at Foote Lagoon and also the concerts in the Foundry Plaza. They have been such a fun thing for our family. We love these events because it reminds us of what a great town we live in. I get to look around and see families enjoying themselves. We have a wonderful community here and these events allow us to get together and enjoy life.

Where is your favorite place to spend outdoors?

Benson Sculpture Garden is one of our favorite outdoor places in Loveland. We take lunch there and the kids love checking out all the beautiful art. 

When you have visitors in town, where do you take them?

I love taking my family and friends to the Loveland Museum to see the latest exhibitions.   I also enjoy taking them to the local art galleries in town – Lincoln Gallery, Independence Gallery, and Artworks Loveland.  

If you are willing to share, what do you think are Loveland’s hidden gems or hot spots?

For people unfamiliar with Loveland, I would say a hidden gem is our amazing bike trail system. We have paved trails around the circumference of Loveland, so you can get just about anywhere by using the trails. As a family, we are constantly on the bike trail. We’ll park and catch the trail close by and ride to a nearby park, lake, etc. The trails make it so easy to enjoy being outside. 


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