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How To Visit Loveland on a Budget

How to visit Loveland, Colorado on a budget

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Just over 45 minutes from Denver and its international airport, Loveland is a small city with a big heart. No matter what you want from a city break, you’ll find something to keep you satisfied here. Do you love art? Awesome, there are some cool galleries. How about food? Great – Loveland is known for that. And best of all, Loveland is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Rocky Mountain National Park – so it’s super easy to get out into the Great Outdoors.

You’re probably thinking that all this sounds great, but where are you going to get the money to make the most of your trip to Loveland? Let us help you out. In this post, we’ll explore the best ways to visit Loveland on a budget. Let’s jump straight in!

Covid-19 Notes

Here’s just a couple of reminders for everyone during this pandemic. In light with the situation that is happening right now, we are advising everyone to observe proper social distancing and wear a mask when visiting businesses such as the art galleries and shops. We are hoping that everybody will stay safe and be healthy in these times.

Camp out and get to know the area


Loveland has a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets, but one of the best if you’re on a budget is camping. There are a number of campsites around town suitable for both tents and RVs. Not only will you have budget accommodation, but many of the campsites have a lot of activities at hand which come included with your overnight fee. Think swimming pools, Wi-Fi, and other cool facilities.

Many of Loveland’s campgrounds also boast stunning locations, like those on the shores of Boyd Lake State Park. Even if you’re not camping, give the lake a visit. There are plenty of options for activities such as fishing, swimming, biking, hiking, and many more ways to enjoy the great outdoors around Loveland!

For more information about camping around Loveland, check out the link here.

Take advantage of free attractions

One of the best things for budget travellers in Loveland is the amount of free activities they can take advantage of when in town. You can enjoy a number of art galleries in the centre and while you can purchase a painting or a sculpture, it costs absolutely nothing to take a look and have a chat with the artist. Loveland locals love chatting and will probably recommend you some cool things to see or places to visit around the city while you’re there.

There are some great wineries and breweries around the town too, as well as some cool museums. Although they’re not all free, entry fees won’t set you back much.

One of the coolest things to visit in Loveland that won’t cost you a cent is in the centre’s Thompson Park. The memory to Loveland’s original cute couple, Ted and Mabel Thompson, is an important part of the park’s history and a lovely place to visit. Especially if you’re looking for a romantic activity with your other half!

Get out into nature


If you’re an outdoor enthusiast with just a few dollars to rub together, then Loveland won’t let you down. The aforementioned Thompson Park and Mehaffey Park are both green spaces in the city where you can spend some time relaxing and enjoying the fresh air. Art lovers will also be astounded by of Chapungu and Benson Sculpture Parks. Benson hosts the largest outdoor sculpture show every August, so you should definitely check it out if you travel at that time of year. Chapungu is also pretty cool – 82 sculptures from artisanal Zimbabwean artists across 26 acres is truly a one of a kind attraction! The art show in Benson though is not happening due to covid-19 and will be temporarily closed until it is safe to go out.

However, if you’re looking to push yourself, you can really get out into nature. Some of Loveland’s top attractions include the Devil’s Backbone Hiking Trail and the Bobcat Ridge Natural Area. Both of these are free and a special day out from Loveland. Although tours into the Rocky Mountain National Park may be out of the reach of budget travellers, it’s worth shopping around in town as you may get lucky and find a cheap trip. And the memories will be worth it!

You don’t ALWAYS have to eat out


So, Loveland is one of the best places in Colorado for foodies. That’s great, but one of the easiest ways for your spending to spiral out of control is by eating out. With over 180 restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world, we’d certainly say that you should try at least one. However, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner out is excessive! Especially if you’re travelling with the family.

A great way to enjoy some of the activities we’ve already mentioned like nature trails and parks is to simply head to a store and make a picnic up. Making sandwiches may not seem like the most glamourous option, but they will leave some money over for other cool activities! 

Pick the perfect place to stay

Think outside the box when it comes to accommodation options. We’ve already mentioned that camping may be a good idea, but we also understand that it’s not for everyone. Loveland’s range of accommodation opportunities is very impressive for a city of just 80,000 people, and we’re sure that there’ll be something to suit your budget. And we don’t just mean hotels!

For those travelling as a family or in a big group, how about considering airbnb vacation rentals in Colorado over a hotel? Not only will you be able to stay in a comfortable and homely space, but you’ll be able to cook your own meals (and perhaps wash your own clothes etc if you’re staying longer term). All of this will massively keep your costs down while in town! And that’ll leave you with more money to get out into the Rockies, sample cafes and restaurants, and other stuff when you are feeling like a treat!

So, now that you know how to travel to Loveland on a budget…

You’ll probably want to get booking your trip. To find the best things to do in Loveland (whatever your budget), place to stay, and places to eat out, look no further than Loveland Colorado’s official website. Whatever you need to help you plan your trip, you’ll find it there. We can’t wait to welcome you to Loveland!

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