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Fall Beers on Tap in Loveland, Colorado

Fall beer in Loveland, Colorado. Grimm Brothers Brewhouse. photo by Ryan Schlaefer

Every season is beer season in Loveland, Colorado, but fall is a fun time for beer, and I’m not just talking about pumpkin beer.

Fall Beers on Tap in Loveland, Colorado. Aleworks Darkess Day porter. Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer
Loveland Aleworks, Darkest Day porter.

Loveland’s craft breweries deliver when it comes to making great autumn brews, and yes, sometimes there’s a pumpkin beer in the mix. Even if they don’t produce a specific “fall” beer, each brewery has a brew that’s perfect to sip when the weather cools. Here’s what the brewers recommend that you drink at their breweries this autumn.

Big Beaver Brewery located in west Loveland always has a lot of beers on tap in their log cabin type brewery and taproom. A good, go-to fall beer that’s always on tap is their Bust-A-Nut Brown. Cider is perfect for fall so when you visit Big Beaver be sure to pop into Climb Hard Cider, located next door, for a taste of one or two of their fermented crushed apple delights.

Fall beer on tap in Loveland, Colorado. Big Thompson Brewery from Facebook
Fall means football at Big Thompson Brewery.

Big Thompson Brewery is getting peachy this fall with their Palisade Peach Habanero Blonde. This sweet/spicy concoction will be released Friday, September 8. They will release their Oktoberfest beer the following Friday, and they recently released an English brown that makes a delicious sweater weather beer.

Buckhorn Brewers’ small brewery and taproom is located on the far west side of Loveland, near the famed Devil’s Backbone open space. The brewers at Buckhorn love making gruits, a style that’s unfamiliar to most casual beer drinkers.

Fall beers in Loveland, Colorado. Buckhorn's gruit. Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer
Buckhorn Brewers, LLC

Gruit is an herb mixture that was used to make beer prior to the 11th century in Europe and the 16th century in England (source: Wikipedia). Eventually, for various reasons, hops became the preferred method for producing beer, but Buckhorn always has a seasonal gruit on tap and they love to introduce it to anyone who wanders into their taproom. Try it with a blend of spices sprinkled on top for an extra kick.

Crow Hop Brewing Co., currently located on 3rd Street, has big news and it’s not beer related. They have a new taproom under construction on 4th Street between the Coffee Tree and Door 222. The new space boasts 2,000 square feet more than their current 700 square foot location. They hope to move in during the first part of 2018.

Fall beers on tap in Loveland, Colorado. From Crow Hop's FB page
Photo courtesy of Crow Hop.

Crow Hop’s seasonal beers include a Sacrifice Rye which has a rich orange hue with earthy and grassy aromas and a touch of peppery rye spic. It finishes with a lingering hop fruitiness (source). This fall they are also releasing their OPPO Double IPA, a big barrel aged beer that’s not for the faint of heart.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse, located in east Loveland, has already released their much-loved Oktoberfest beer, Farmer’s Daughter. It’s such a popular beer that connoisseurs will want to make it to the taproom before the end of September. After all, Loveland Oktoberfest, which is held at Grimm on September 15-16 puts a big dent in the stores of Farmer’s Daughter. It’s definitely a “get it while it lasts” sort of craft beer, and everybody wants some.

Fall beer in Loveland, Colorado. Grimm Brothers Brewhouse. photo by Ryan Schlaefer
The Plaid Brigade of Zea, Heidi & Karen at Grimm Brothers Brewhouse.

Loveland Aleworks, located on the west end of 4th Street, released their seasonal Darkest Day Chocolate Coconut Porter in August. They recently started brewing their Crowdsourced Fresh Hop Ale which features hops donated from community members. In addition, their Oatmeal Chocolate Stout will be released on September 22. It’s a like a warm snuggle in a pint glass.

Fall beers in Loveland, Colorado. Loveland Aleworks porter. Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer
Local business owner, Ryan Schlaefer, drinks a Darkest Day porter at Loveland Aleworks.

Verboten Brewing recommends their year-round Angry Banjo for fall. At just 14 IBUs, it was inspired by a once popular indigenous style of beer from Kentucky. It’s made with American malts and flaked rye. This refreshing dark cream ale is a lovely accompaniment to a chilly autumn afternoon on Verboten’s sunlit patio in downtown Loveland.

Fall Beer on Tap in Loveland, Colorado. Verboten, photo by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer
Obviously, this is not a photo of Angry Banjo. This is their Run by Fruiting, a milkshake kettle sour.

Don’t forget your passport!

When you head out to try these autumn-inspired beers this month, don’t forget to bring along your Loveland Brewery Passport, which provides the holder with two-for-one beers and a commemorative pint glass.

If you don’t have a passport follow this link to find out how to get one. And, when you’re out and about, don’t forget to share your Loveland brewery experiences on social media by using #LoveBeerCulture on your photos and tweets for your chance to win a free growler from Visit Loveland.

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