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Foothills Nature Trail

Foothills Nature Trail

The Foothills Nature Trail is part of the Round Mountain National Recreation Trail (4.9 miles total), which also includes the Summit Adventure Trail.

The Foothills Nature Trail is a 1 mile Easy hike.

To take this trail, there is a split in the main trail shortly after leaving the parking lot (about a 1/4 mile in) which allows you to continue on with the Foothills Nature Trail or instead go on to the summit of Sheep Mountain on the Round Mountain National Recreational Trail – Summit Adventure Trail portion, which is much more difficult and is rated as a Moderate difficulty level. Please see the Summit Adventure Trail listing for more about that portion of the trail.

The Round Mountain trailhead parking area is located in the Big Thompson Canyon, approximately 4 miles west of The Dam Store on Colorado State Highway 34 (approximately 12 miles west of Loveland). The trailhead is located on Highway 34 (across from the entrance of Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park).

Beginning Elevation at the trailhead is 5,743′ with the Peak Elevation for the summit of Sheep Mountain at 8,450′ on the Round Mountain – Summit Adventure portion of the trail. Much of this trail is south facing, and is generally clear of snow year round.

Foothills Nature Trail Handout – The City of Loveland provides a printed handout for use during your hike. It may be found at the trail head in the dispenser, and it explains the interpretive markers along the trail. You may recycle it upon your return to the trailhead, so that others may also read it along the way!
If you would like to print your own copy of the handout, please see the website for the link to the PDF, and use legal sized paper. Foothills Nature Trail Handout (PDF):

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