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About Visit Loveland

On November 3, 2009, the residents of Loveland passed a ballot initiative that created a 3% lodging tax “to promote tourism, conventions and related activities within the city by marketing the city and sponsoring destination and community events.” Following the approval by the voters, the Loveland City Council formed the Community Marketing Commission, or CMC, to advise and make recommendations to the City Council on the use of the lodging tax revenue.

Community Marketing Commission Members
Tom Dwyer, Chair, August 2010 – Present
Miki Roth, Vice Chair, August 2013 – Present
Christine Forster, August 2013 – Present
Kurt Albers, October 2011 – Present
Meredith Siss, August 2017 – Present
James Melena, Alternate, January 2019 – Present
Zach Andersson, January 2019 – Present
Josie Langhorst, July 2019 – Present
Kathleen George, July 2019 – Present
Dave Clark, Council Liaison

Visit Loveland Staff
Kelly Jones – Director of Economic Development
Cindy Mackin – Visitor Services Manager, CMC Staff Liaison
Gary Light – Visitors Center Manager
Beata McKee – Marketing Coordinator, CMC Secretary
Chris Bierdeman – Tourism Group Sales Coordinator
Linda Shafer – Visitors Center Staff
Ron Connor – Visitors Center Staff
Karen DiNoia – Visitors Center Staff
Brenda Kononen – Visitors Center Staff
25 Visitors Center Volunteers

Annual Report
2019 Annual Report coming soon.

Funding Requests
To be considered for event funding, a completed Event Funding Request form must be filled out and submitted with the required documents. Incomplete or illegible submissions, those which are missing the required documentation, or those that do not meet the criteria as per the Strategic Marketing Plan 2017-2020, will not be considered.

Completed forms along with the required documentation need to be submitted by the end of March to be considered for the following calendar year (budgets are determined by April each year for the following year; therefore if the current year budget has not included funding for your request then it cannot be considered for the current year). Anything received after March will not be considered until two calendar years later.

Send your completed paperwork and supporting documents to the following for consideration: and